E-MarketingInternet Marketing NW offers search engine optimization (SE0), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM) and social media optimization services (SMO). Call us for a quote on our different programs.


It’s important to have a Web site that ranks well in the search engines. We design Web sites to rank well in the search engines and also offer programs to maintain this and improve this over time. Perhaps you already have a Web site that could perform better in the search engines? We can also work on existing Web sites to improve their search engine ranking. Search engine optimization can also be applied to social media sites and can in turn improve rankings in the major search engines. (Too, we offer local search marketing programs.)

Social Media Marketing


We have search engine marketing programs to improve your search engine placement immediately with managed paid placement like Google Adwords, etc. SEO is a part of search engine marketing, but the former term “SEM” tends to refer to paid search engine placement and advertising. A difference between search engine optimization and paid programs is that with paid programs we can get better placement overnight, while search engine optimization can sometimes take a much longer period of time to get good results in terms of good rankings and visibility. Search engine marketing can also include advertising media such as banners, videos, etc. It has now expanded to search advertising opportunities on social media sites.

Target SMM


Internet Marketing NW also offers social media marketing and optimization programs. Social media marketing (SMM) and social media optimization (SMO), which is a part of this, refers to the methods of attracting unique visitors to your Web site using social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and a vast array of other social media sites. 

For those who don't have a Web site of their own, social media Web sites can also be leveraged by businesses to establish an online presence, although it is even more effective if a business also has its own Web site.

Internet Marketing NW also offers Web video marketing which can often be considered a form of SMM and SMO. We discuss Web video marketing in its own category.


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