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et Internet Marketing NW bring your business up to date with the latest tools and trends of marketing in Web multimedia development and integration. Multimedia is media that talks and moves. More and more Web sites now contain more than just static text and pictures. Use multimedia advertising on your Web site to powerfully promote your company. Multimedia marketing contains audio, video and animation, and is often incorporated in the Flash format.

Flash / AnimationVideo and animation is a more complete way to educate viewers about your product or service. It’s an excellent tool for education that conveys information at an accelerated rate. It makes fewer demands on the audience to try to imagine what is much easier conveyed in moving pictures, text and audio. It gives you more control over the message. It’s more entertaining and a preferred medium. People can understand and believe what they see. Also, it gets the message delivered, since people will much more readily watch or listen to a presentation than read it in this television and YouTube age.

Web Audio ProductionEven an audio element to your Web site can greatly increase your response rate. Web audio has also brought information dissemination through the Internet to a higher level. A good script, professional voice talent, and background music or sound effects are some examples. (Internet Marketing NW works with some of the best voice talent and can offer advice and consulting on this.)

We all know the power of audio and video for marketing messages on radio and TV. Internet is essentially the radio and TV of today, that puts the power of audio and video marketing in your hands. When you underscore your online marketing messages with audio, video and animation, in a tasteful, appropriate and professionally crafted manner, you are increasing the power of your message.