Forms / Surveys

E-commerce Processing

Internet Marketing NW develops and integrates custom webforms and surveys to fill all your needs. Often online businesses struggle because they don’t know how to create custom forms and surveys. Often they use subscription services for their form needs and pay unnecessary monthly fees. Call us for a quote.

A form can be used as a sort of automated secretary 24 /7, to extract exactly the information you want. Forms can be used to collect the specific data needed from the prospect by making certain fields mandatory to complete the submission. This gets the job done right and weeds out prospects that are not serious.

WebformSurveys are an excellent way to get customer feedback to improve your services gearing this more towards your customers’ needs. Surveys enable you to improve your customer service as well as modify and improve your products and services. You will learn what your customers really want and this will increase profits. Surveys enable you to segment your customers and promote your products or services to niche targeted subscribers.

We can set up an automated responder so that the prospect is contacted immediately after successful submission. The prospect can also receive a copy of their form submission, as well as an automated customer service message, and a marketing message!

We can completely eliminate spam at the level of Web forms.  If your business Web site even shows a live email address, then email harvesters or  “spambots” can capture this. One can use forms for customer contact without even providing an email address. There are also many levels of programming we can employ as needed to block the submission of spambots.