Email Marketing

E-MarketingInternet Marketing NW supports businesses with their email marketing needs with methods of capturing email addresses, creating professional email graphics, layout, copy and multimedia elements, and the distribution of emails. We broker premium opt-in email lists.

Just as it takes professional Web design or print matter to effectively sell products, emails must also be professionally designed. An email design can be considered as similar to a Web page design.

We can help businesses by integrating systems to capture visitors’ email addresses by various opt-in methods and databasing them. Perhaps you will want to have a sign up list on your Web site to have visitors sign up for your email newsletter, products, offers and services. You will benefit from an autoresponder that will automatically email a sales letter per each inquiry before your staff has time to respond.

Email Marketing MailingWe can support your email marketing process to different degrees, including the full service creation of highly professional email marketing graphics and copy to sell your services, provide opt-in email lists and send out your marketing emails to large lists.

Internet Marketing NW also offers creative new innovative email campaigns that include audio, video and multimedia. These will generally get a higher response rate. The inbox will contain sound, motion graphics, video, etc.

Internet Marketing NW works with clients to develop and deliver professional email marketing campaigns. We are also a broker of premium opt in email lists for companies that are looking for good email marketing lists.


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