Copywriting and ScriptingI nternet Marketing NW offers a full range of e-commerce solutions ranging from the simple to the complex. We also offer merchant accounts and can help you set up a merchant account and establish a secure online payment gateway. The ability to accept credit cards online will greatly increase your sales.

If you already sell products and services offline, e-commerce can give you access to new customers, many of them in other states and other countries. You can increase your revenue by opening up entirely new markets that would be difficult and costly to penetrate with a conventional bricks-and-mortar store.

E-commerce Shopping CartIf you plan to sell online only, you can create a thriving business with lower costs than many offline businesses. For example, you can run your online store out of your home instead of renting a retail space, and you can take orders 24/7 without hiring employees to staff your site around the clock.

To sell effectively online, a business will need a shopping cart, credit card processing capability, product catalogue, etc. Internet Marketing NW develops Web sites with these features tailored specifically for e-commerce use and your exact needs.

A good e-commerce solution is the best way to accept and process orders. If you cannot accept credit cards online, you will lose many sales! Buying is often an immediate decision and people change their minds or will go elsewhere very quickly. E-commerce and online retail can help you secure more business.

Internet Marketing NW can also set you up with a merchant account and online payment gateway. Call us to set up your new merchant account today.


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