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Internet Marketing NW develops blogs and vlogs for businesses.  “Blog” is an abbreviation for Web log and “vlog” is an abbreviation for Web video log.

If your company is considering a new Web site, or if your company already has a Web site, a blog is an excellent addition to your Web site. Often businesses will start a blog on a service away from their Web site. However, it is often better to integrate a blog seamlessly into your Web site, maintaining the same look and feel and corporate identity.

Blogs - Blogging Why not have more control over your marketing message and use a blog to draw visitors to a Web site that you own and control rather than a blog page that could disappear at any time.

An advantage of a blog is that it adds freshness to your Web site and helps your search engine rankings. People may be bored always returning to the same static Web site that doesn’t change. But audiences will return to read new blog entries.

This is also an excellent tool for better search engine placement. With our keyword consulting we can advise you on the appropriate keywords to include in your blog to help drive qualified prospects to your Web site.

For those with vlogs, we offer a video production program and can come by your office on a regular basis to video and professionally capture your blog entries. For those who use blogging as a form of marketing, our copywriting team offers a blogging service of creating positive promotional entries about your company on the blogs. This is excellent PR and also helps to drive traffic to your Web site. Call for quotes.