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Banners / AdvertisingInternet Marketing NW develops many forms of Internet advertising media including Web banners, pop-ups up or modal windows, Internet radio advertising, Internet video advertising and more. If you simply need an ad created for an existing campaign or need to advertise, we can fully produce ads, manage and find the targeted, most cost effective locations. Call us for a quote.

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Global Banner AdvertisingBanner advertising can be used to achieve global visibility for your brand. Banners come in many shapes and sizes. We create attractive banners that will generate targeted traffic and build your brand by creating instant awareness. We develop interactive banner ads that revolve around these three types:

Animated rich-media banners do much better than the static banners. Online banner advertising is a cost-effective way of increasing traffic to your Web site. 

Pop-up AdsPop-ups

Pop-ups have a bad rap as annoying ads, but these can be used effectively and unobtrusively for marketing, or to deliver content without the need for developing new Web pages. This can often be more effective. Pop-ups are often called modal windows in this latter function.

Research shows that pop-ups are at least ten times more effective in generating clicks than standard banners. If you are interested in using pop-ups to reinforce your own marketing message or to reinforce some action in theme with your Web site, pop-ups can be integrated in an unobtrusive manner that will better serve the customer and help reinforce the desired action.

Pop ups can be used to get users to sign up for lists such as opt-in emails, newsletters, etc. They can be used to offer free promotional information, special offers, contests, surveys / polls, etc. Pop ups can also be used to deliver videos, slideshows, audio, etc.

We also produce Web audio advertising that can be used on Internet radio stations and Web video advertising that has many uses. See our audio and video production and Web marketing pages to learn more.


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