About Us

About UsInternet Marketing NW is a leader in Web design, development, e-marketing, multimedia and e-commerce integration to bring businesses to the latest state of the art on the Internet.

We stay current with latest best practices in design and coding (CSS3, HTML5, etc.) and streaming media for the best performance and highest impact. Our design services include Web design and development, multimedia, with audio, video and Flash development and integration. Marketing design and search engine optimization is included in our Web design and development. It is best to design all aspects of Internet marketing from the very beginning, for the best performance. We provide careful marketing research to increase your chances for success. We also work with companies that need enhancements to existing Web sites.

Music ScoreOur Web site multimedia background includes working with professional musicians, arts groups and record companies developing and integrating audio, video, movies, and Flash presentations into Web sites, and the creation and development of Web sites, multimedia and online marketing from conventional collateral such as print materials, sound recordings, videos, voice talent and radio advertisements, leveraging this for integrated online-offline cross promotion. Marketing the arts and education along with standard business has inspired a more imaginative approach, and has provided more diverse experience to meet the many marketing challenges.

Internet Marketing NW has created and developed its own online e-commerce stores. It has first hand knowledge and experience with e-commerce, and developing and maintaining online shopping carts.

Internet Marketing NW is not merely a Web design company. As the name suggests, it is also an Internet marketing company. It is a firm that began by specializing in Internet marketing from the very beginning. It was a pioneer in such things as search engine marketing and search engine optimization before they were popular and in demand.